Peace to You

Pigeon Point lighthouse USA, California, Big Sur

At the Christmas Eve service yesterday, the pastor talked about how God often operates differently than the world.

Case in point: when His Son was born on earth, He first chose to make the announcement to the shepherds. Today’s equivalent of anybody with a so-called “lowly” job. Ordinary. Unseen. Ignored. Overlooked.

And while I love seeing everyone’s photographs of their families and feasts on social media, I know that there are those who feel like the sky has fallen this season and thus have no desire or reason to celebrate. Those of you who’ve lost a loved one. A baby. A relationship. A job. Your health. Or perhaps your joy for life. Maybe it’s been hours or days. Maybe it’s been weeks, months or years. It doesn’t matter. Depression is a very real thing. Pain is a very real thing.

I see you. God most certainly sees you. And you are thought of, prayed for, and loved today. If you don’t know what you know anymore, then know that.

Peace to you.



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