I love the arts.

I love film.

I’ve probably said that a dozen times on this blog, but I do. And not the trash that’s often found in theaters these days, but high-quality, substantial motion picture that actually brings meaning to people’s lives and creates honest conversations.

Last night I finally had the chance to watch Oliver Hirschbiegel’s “Diana” starring the lovely Naomi Watts. I’m a huge fan of Watts and I’d pretty much see anything that she’s in. She’s absolutely brilliant.

diana naomi watts

The film garnered negative criticism upon its release in 2013 but I learned sometime ago not to trust the critics. Beauty like art is subjective. Who’s to say that a film isn’t worth seeing if in fact, it resonated with at least one person in the audience? And what exactly makes one person’s opinions more valuable than another? Their film degree? That said, if a preview or plot appeals to me, I see the film…

I truly enjoyed seeing Watts portray “Diana” and I feel that she did it so much taste and grace. There is something to be said for actors that respect their roles and treat them with care and dignity. This especially applies when one is dealing with a notable figure, and obviously, Princess Diana falls within this category.

If anything, the film put me in touch with her humanity and normalcy. The film was excellent in portraying this side of her. I was particularly moved by her heart for people. Marginalized people, the poor, the oppressed, the ignored, the disenfranchised, the ones most people don’t really pay attention to.

Coincidentally, her 18th death anniversary was seven days ago. I was 11 years old when she died. I was so young, but I could sense the impact and gravity of the situation seeing the looks on my parents’ faces when the news broke before noon here.

I was but a child, but it was plain to see that this was no ordinary woman. And upon watching the film, I understood why exactly she was so beloved. She was a humanitarian in the purest, most beautiful sense of the word. Since her mission to Angola, injuries from landmines have fallen by more than 60 percent. Three months after her death, the Ottawa Treaty banning anti-personnel landmines was opened for signature. So far, 161 states have signed the treaty.

princess diana angola

It’s not my place to question why God allowed her to be taken so early on in her life, but I wonder what she would think of the state of the world today. Why are so many living in opulence whilst millions are in lack and dying every single day of hunger and preventable diseases? Don’t even get me started on what’s happening in Syria but if you’re interested in making a difference, just click here. I’m glad this film was made.

And to the British people, I commiserate with you. The loss is all of ours. 10000%.



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