It’s A Shame

it's a shame

It’s a shame that shame is often found in places, situations, thoughts, conversations, sentences and moments where it has no business being in.

We shame because we don’t understand, we can’t relate, we aren’t the same, we are different, we are jealous, we are insecure, we feel guilt, we are angry, we are bitter, we are hurt, we are wounded.

We shame people because they speak a different belief or lifestyle. we shame culture, race, religion, faith, sexuality, gender, where you live, your profession, your haircut, your weight, your colour, your disability, the music you listen to, your education.

Damn, we even shame people for being too nice. too happy, too kind, too beautiful, too talented, too successful, too positive.

It begins as a thought and can end in war.

It’s a shame.

I love these words from the beautiful, incandescent Bianca Cash.


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