No One Else Can Play Your Part.

no one else can play your part

Six months ago, upon hearing the news of Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death, I shared this post: 


Today, it saddens me that the exact same words apply to the living legend that was Mr. Robin Williams, except that this time, the culprit is suicide/depression.

This time around, I’d like to borrow a few words from the beautiful Alexandra Nelson, a woman I greatly respect and admire:

My heart is heavy hearing the news about Robin Williams.

There’s a reason I love collaborating with the amazing organization To Write Love On Her Arms and it’s because the messages that YOU ARE IMPORTANT and that DARKNESS DOESNT RULE YOU need to be said, over and over.

I know this.

Depression has been a part of my own life for a very long time. Please hear me when I say that YOU ARE SO VALUED and YOU HAVE A HOPE AND A FUTURE beyond what you could ask or imagine from where you stand now.

Robin Williams, there is a hole in Hollywood and the world now where you were and could have been. You will be missed.

robin williams black and white


1951 – 2014

Prayers, love and thoughts go out to his wife, three children, and all who loved him.


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