The True Cost of Christmas

everlasting love

Doing the last of my Christmas shopping today & it’s got me thinking. It’s tempting to think of Christmas as “costly” for us. But in light of what Christmas meant for God, I know that I have no idea what that word means. That He would sacrifice His only son & watch him die the worst possible death for us – FOR us – for US.. costly for Jesus, who chose to leave the comforts of heaven and come to the earth that he created; walk beneath the very stars that he made.. knowing full well how it would end. death by LOVE. Anyone who’s killed in the name of Christianity never understood its meaning. It’s a gift, it’s free. And as I reflect on the tradition of gift-giving, I know exactly what it represents. Something free yet costly, something that means “I love you, you are worth my time, my hard earned money, my effort, my energy”. It signifies what my Savior gave for me, except in that case it was everything. Now this means love.


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