Nothing compares to this love, love, love burning in my heart.

joshua 1:8

I’m not gonna lie. I want to leave a legacy behind when I die. I want to be known as a woman who loved God and who loved others fiercely and relentlessly. This is my biggest challenge to date.

The misconception with legacies is that people often relate them to one specific grand gesture or event in a person’s life. But I truly believe that a true legacy; a genuine one, lies in the details of how a person lives their life.

Generally, I’d like to think I’m not an irritable person. I’m not easy to irritate, that’s for sure. But there are things that irritate me to no end, and they aren’t major in any way.

For the moment I’d rather keep these specific irritations to myself but I have decided that they won’t be deal breakers in my relationships with people. Life is just too short and relationships are just too invaluable to let such small issues get in the way. I’ve cut ties with people in my youth for various reasons. Many times it was for our mutual benefit. Other times it was for my own. But at 27 years old, I think I’ve reached an age where I don’t want to sweat the small stuff. I want to hold on to as many people as I can despite their quirks and eccentricities and faults.

A lot of it has to do with my faith. I will never forget a quote of Joel Houston’s that I once read:

“Some people are real hard to love, but when I think of all the reasons God has to not love me, my perspective changes.”

It doesn’t get any more authentic, eye-opening and humbling than that. God has every reason in the world not to love me. But he looks past every sin, every shortcoming, every flaw, and CHOOSES to love me anyway. And in light of that love, how can I not strive to love others in the same manner? It’s tough and it’s painful and on most days it’s downright impossible but that’s where grace comes in. I am thankful that my God provides an endless supply of it.


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