A Thousand Reasons Why I Love Being A Filipino


A thousand reasons. A thousand reasons I can give to you why I’m proud to be a Filipino but I will give you ONE.

I am not unaware of the injustices ongoing around the world, particularly in Africa and the Middle East. I am not ignorant of the abuse, oppression and genocide that occur in those regions daily, no matter how hard the media tries to black out the news. Things like that don’t stay buried for long. I don’t belittle them, and I certainly do not trivialize their situation, but I’m talking about the Philippines here.

I’m so glad, proud, happy, honored, ecstatic, happy, joyful to be a Filipino. As a person who loves to travel, I won’t lie and say that I’ve never been discriminated upon based upon the tone of my skin or the shape of my eyes or the color of my hair. I’ve felt it one too many times, but what I’ve never found is a single reason to be insecure about it. I wouldn’t choose to be of any other race or nationality.

And as I experienced those life-changing moments of standing in line for four hours to pay my respects to the late president Corazon Aquino, what dawned upon was that the reason I am most proud to be a Filipino citizen is our resilience in times of difficulty and the fact that we are able to smile and laugh every minute in between.


What other country can you name has citizens that make the time to create humorous text messages concerning topics that could make or break the future of a nation?

What other country has new malls being built every year despite the financial meltdown the entire world is going through because we are just SUCH happy people?

What other country has people partying on the streets even in situations as grave and dire and dark as the People Power Revolution?

And what country has people laughing, making jokes, and being RELENTLESS in their pursuit to show their love to a leader that has passed away, despite gusty winds, raindrops as big as buckets, garbage/feces-filled floods, and prickling heat?

As I walked the streets of Intramuros that fateful night, that’s all I could think about. My gratitude to God for making me a Filipino. It is my honor and privilege, and I really would not have had it any other way.

So yeah, I can name a thousand reasons why I love being a Filipino,

but all I need is one. 🙂


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